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Project born in collaboration with Zeno Baldi.  


TRI is a mobile composition based on interactions between acoustic instruments and electronics, explored through a network of audio and midi connections that form sorts of “hyper-instruments” among the  performers. 

The electronics’ output include transducers vibrating on  acoustic surfaces (drum’s skin, cymbals), and solenoids hitting  objects and metal plates, creating a blurred boundary between acoustic and electronic sounds.


Concert Program: 

  • Zeno Baldi: TRI (2023) 


Line up: 

  • Alberto Cavallaro: Saxophones;

  • Federico Tramontana: Percussions;

  • Zeno Baldi: Live Electronics;


  • 23-28/01/2023 Residency at Istituto Confucio - Università di Macerata;

  • 20/06/2023 Concert for Unerhörte Musik, (Berlin, DE);

  • 13/11/2024 Concert for Soundplasma, (Tallin, EE). 

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