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Ignota is a hub of concerts, workshops and masterclasses
dedicated to contemporary music. It stems from the initiative
of Duo Dubois, Alberto Cavallaro and Federico Tramontana, to
establish a center for listening and exploration in the small
community of Laureana di Borrello, in Southern Italy.


Ignota aims to give space to the new generations of artists who
use sound as a means of cultural expression.

1# Edition
2-6 September 2024


Curated by Maurizio Azzan and assisted by Duo Dubois.

The aim of the masterclass is to guide and assist composers in
writing new works lasting up to 10 minutes for saxophone and/or
percussion with or without the use of electronics. The
creation process will be led by Maurizio Azzan for the
compositional part and by Duo Dubois for the instrumental

All the information can be found here. 

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